The Most Interesting Facts about tigers

Tigers are often thought to be one of the most beautiful and dangerous animals globally. This may be why they are so interesting. However, because of humans’ negligent behavior and prudence, they are now on the brink of becoming endangered. However, the question is, how much do you or I know about this unique animal as a wildlife enthusiast who is also interested in big cats? With other big cat species, we can get many wrong ideas about them. This blog might help you learn more about them. It’s a spoiler alert, but we’ll still give you the lowdown anyway, so don’t worry about it.

Tigers can kill you with one swing.

Putting a Tiger and a lousy person together in a fight is a good idea, even if you don’t think they’re big enough. You can’t keep a tiger as a pet. They say that if you hit someone or something with the front of the Tiger’s arm, they will die.


The Tiger doesn’t work during the day.

All Tigers aren’t always night-time predators, but they prefer to hunt at night and do most of their hunting at night. Tigers prefer to stay away from humans during the day and keep an eye on their territory at night.

Most of the cubs born blind don’t make it as adults.

The saddest thing is that only a small number of blind cubs grow up to become adults. They can’t see anything until they are a few weeks old. They follow the scent of their mother. Most of them die from starvation or cold because they are born blind and can’t keep up. The male Tigers in the herd will even eat the smaller males to make the Tigress available for mating so that they can get close to her. If that’s true, it’s a travesty!


Tigers love water games and swimming.

The more significant form of the domestic cat likes to swim for a long time, unlike the domestic cat. It is one of the skills that female Tigers teach their young. They can also kill in the water. They can also swim for many miles as adults, and one is said to have swum 30 miles in one day.



When tigers live in the wild or are kept as pets, their life expectancy is 20-25 years, the most. Just 19 years old, when she died, Machli was mauled to death by an Indian tiger in Rajasthan, India. Flavel, who was 25 years old and had been in the circus, had been the oldest Tiger alive.

If you mix a Tiger with a Lion, you can also make big cat hybrids. These are called Tigons after the name of their parents. They are the largest cat species, and they can get bigger than Liger, a cross between a male lion and a female Tiger, called a Liger. Here is the link to Wikipedia. A Liger’s height on all fours is about 4.5 feet; when it stands, it’s about 6 feet tall.

There is a good reason why the saliva of tigers is good at killing germs.


Tigers might be good for you if you get a bruise and want to clean it up. Tiger saliva has antiseptic properties. It was just a joke, Tiger, Dr. Tiger. A common thing to do is lick the area to keep it from getting infected.

It’s well-known that Tigers love a surprise kill, but not as much as other wild animals. Their stripes make it easier for them to hide behind trees and attack their prey from the back. They wear face masks on the backs of their heads in many villages in India to make the Tigers think they’re not there, and it works!

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