The Benefits Of Incorporating Video Into Your Blogging Strategy

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If you want to drive more traffic to your blog, then you’ll need to create content that is engaging. There are over 500 million blogs out there, and a large number of these blogs are business driven. This means the market is very saturated, and standing out isn’t as easy as it was before. This is why if you want blogging to be worthwhile for your business, you’ll need to produce content that is truly exceptional.

In business blogging, you’re essentially competing for both clicks as well as conversions. One way you can get a leg up from your competition is by adding videos to your blog posts. When you add video to your blogs, you also increase both the quality as well as the effectiveness of your posts. Google News backlinks are a valuable asset for any website, as they can drive significant traffic and improve search engine rankings.

A blog post that has an embedded video is more likely to both drive traffic to your website and then convert that traffic into sales. Wondering why you should add videos to your blog posts? Find out.

1. Rank Higher In Search Engines

Google and YouTube are two of the most widely used search engines in the world. People search for all kinds of content online, such as how-to’s and tutorials. Sometimes, these searches are on YouTube and not on Google. Once you embed a video into your blog, that video can also run for keywords. These are the keywords that are related to your post and can be seen on YouTube. Note that for this to work, you’ll need to upload the video you’re embedding to YouTube first, and make it available to the public.

Consider opting for videos that are of high quality, and that also answer the target questions well. You can create long-form videos, add the right keywords in the video title, description as well as tags, and more. Your video should provide a great answer to the question asked. Think about what information the customers will find valuable, and then provide that.

You can only use YouTube as a search engine should there be videos in your posts. By adding videos to your blogs, you open the doors to people who might not have come to read just text-only posts.

2. Increasing Dwell Time

Google turns towards user engagement-related metrics when deciding upon what pages to show for customer queries. Metrics related to user engagement refer to how a user behaves on a certain page. Should the user spend more time on the page, go to its bottom, or go to another blog article or part of your website, this can be beneficial for you. Google is more likely to rank your website higher.

On the other hand, the reader can also leave your website quickly and go to a different website. If this happens then Google will see your site as providing less value to the customer. When you add videos to your blogs, you increase the amount of time customers spend on your blog posts, enabling your website to rank higher on Google. You’ll get more organic visibility which can translate to more traffic.

3. Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

A video that’s on the landing page can help increase the rate of conversion by almost 80%. This is because videos tend to humanize the content that is posted. Blog posts can be informative when they are read, but afterward, they can be forgotten about.

Humans are better at remembering faces, over information that is abstract. Through your videos, you can show readers the people who work behind the scenes of your business. This can help build trust and lead to more conversions. People are also more likely to revisit your website in the future.

4. Videos Are Shareable On Social Media

When you have a video on your blog, you can take a part of that video and use it as a preview of your blog post. This preview can then be shared on various social media channels. There are lots of benefits to being able to incorporate video into social media posts. You can get increased visibility, since video-based posts perform better and are shared more often.

This will drive more traffic to your blog. Videos can also act as a pattern interrupter. When someone is scrolling through their social media feed, their flow can be disrupted by videos. People who feel interested in your video preview might consider visiting your blog, thereby increasing blog traffic.


Adding videos to your blog posts can help drive leads to your website. It not only increases the reach of your post, but also increases your conversion rate. Videos can be particularly helpful in attracting traffic from YouTube. This can in turn amplify the traffic you’re getting from social media posts. To run a successful blog, adding videos to your blog posts can be essential.

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