Doing Good Globally: How Affiliates Help Us (And Others) Thrive 

When you sign on to work with a company, no matter whether you’re an employee, an Associate, or even an influencer, you want to be certain you’re putting good back into the world along with whatever benefits may come with it. After all, if you’re putting in the time and energy to promote a brand—no matter what that looks like for you—it should be something you believe in, with a social impact you want to take part in.


At USANA Health Sciences, we believe in doing as much good as we can in the world. So when you sign up to join our Affiliate program to promote the products you already love, you’ll also know you’re contributing to a global culture of putting science, health, and compassion above all else to ensure true wellness inside and out.


Sharing Science-Based Healthy Living

We aren’t in the business of “miracle pills”. Every product we offer has scientifically proven benefits that accentuate an active, healthy lifestyle—not replace it.


At USANA, we have a holistic view of wellness. We want the people who use our products to find their very best selves from the inside out. And our dedication to holistic wellness extends to our products as well. From conception to launch, our products are the direct result of extensive research to be sure they provide the right health benefits. If something doesn’t meet our rigorous scientific standards, it’s scrapped. 


In addition to our dedication to science and health, we believe in doing good together, and that includes working with the broader community—including Affiliates—to do more good than we could do alone. Our Affiliates are more than just spokespeople for our brand—they inspire us with their dedication to health and wellness. 


When they join the USANA community, they don’t just thrive because of the products they use. By joining a community of doers, movers, innovators, and amplifiers, they’re able to rise to new heights and bring their best selves forward with healthy living. And they inspire others to do the same.


Going Beyond to Help Those In Need

Our social impact goes beyond what you’ll see on Instagram and TikTok. When we say we’re dedicated to healthy living for everyone, we truly mean it. And with Associates in 25 markets, we have a personal investment in people’s well-being around the world.


We established the USANA Foundation to combat hunger, both on a global scale and in our own backyards. According to the World Health Organization, as many as 828 million people around the world suffer from hunger—that’s over 10% of the global population. This makes hunger and malnutrition among the biggest global epidemics, so we made it our mission to ensure no one goes hungry.


In the years since we started the Foundation, we’ve kept meticulous records of our impact in combating malnutrition. To date, we’ve provided nearly 80 million meals in 44 countries and raised over $26 million to help those in need around the world. 


We also work with other charities like Children’s Hunger Fund and dozens of other organizations to further help those who need it. Donations are what help us thrive, but USANA Health Sciences also covers 100% of the Foundation’s operating expenses. This way, every dollar donated can be used to do the most good possible.


When you become a USANA Affiliate, you’re joining in the fight against malnutrition, and you contribute to the good we spread by both raising awareness and by acting as a community leader to identify and actively serve others in need. 


What This Means for Affiliates

If you’re considering representing USANA on your social platforms, you probably already know the perks that come with it, like reduced prices and 15–20% commissions from sharing personal links to your followers. And those things are great, but because our culture is dedicated to full body excellence, inside and out, we know you want to do more than just promote.


As a USANA Affiliate, you’re promoting healthy living and whole-body wellness to the world. But more than that, you’re using your talents and skills to reach people and help them find a community that puts wellness first using science and knowledge. And, most importantly, you contribute to a global culture that’s fighting hunger and malnutrition, ensuring everyone gets the chance for a healthy, happy life.


If you’re on the fence with joining our Affiliate program, here’s your sign to jump in. Join the USANA community and bring your unique talents to the forefront as we work together to promote accessible, sustainable wellness. And if you need more information, USANA Health Sciences has everything you need to see how we’re changing the face of health with science, research, and products that work.

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