Which Jobs Are in Demand in India For Freshers?

The list of jobs that are in demand in India is constantly changing. New jobs are created every few years as technology and infrastructure improve. In addition, the world is becoming increasingly automated and machines are taking over. With this in mind, future job opportunities in India are endless. Here are some examples of industries where fresherslive can expect to be in demand. Let us take a look at each. You can decide which job interests you the most and explore its prospects.

Chartered Accountant

The most sought-after job in this field is a chartered accountant job. This job requires a high level of skill and knowledge and enables one to analyze financial data in a financial statement. The salary ranges between eight and twenty lakhs per year. The salary depends on the location and skills of the individual. For freshers, the pay package is comparatively lower than for experienced people in timesweb.

As per the ICAI report, the average salary of a CA is INR 7 lakhs per year. The salary for an entry-level chartered accountant is approximately Rs. 60,000 per month, while the highest paying CAs make over Rs. 75 lakhs a year. The salary for a chartered accountant varies widely from country to country and job profile to experience level.

UI/UX Designer

The UI/UX field is very lucrative for new graduates. In recent years, India has embraced digital presence with vigour, with mobile apps and brand websites being the face of a brand. Thus, a good user experience is of vital importance to brands today. Glassdoor ranks the UX industry sixth among entry-level jobs with the highest pay. There are plenty of opportunities for fresh graduates in the industry, as there are many companies that are looking for UI/UX designers.

Starting a career in UX design can be rewarding, with many job options available. From conceptualization to visual design, there are numerous opportunities in toonily. With experience, you can progress to managerial or technical UX jobs. Technical positions require a good understanding of end-user behavior and interaction design, and updating your skills based on the latest trends. As you progress, you can become a Lead UX designer, a Subject matter expert, and a VP of user experience.

Data Scientist

The growing need for skilled professionals in this field is creating a huge demand for Data Scientist jobs in India. The IT sector is witnessing a shortage of experienced professionals, despite the country’s economic growth. IBM Chief Ginni Rometty has stated that the country’s IT sector is suffering from massive skill shortages. The demand for data scientists in India is growing at an unprecedented rate, with the most significant increase in jobs in the BFSI, Energy, Pharma and Healthcare, and E-Commerce sectors. Across the country, Bengaluru continues to be the hub of new jobs, contributing 23% of all analytics jobs in India. Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Pune each contribute 15% to this demand.

The number of open jobs for Data Scientists and advanced analytics specialists is growing at a rapid pace. According to, the demand for these professionals is expected to grow by 14 percent by 2028, with the highest demand coming from the technology sector. The demand for data scientists and data engineers is driven by the rapidly expanding digital transformation industry in hiperdex. As companies are investing more in creating robust data pipelines, data engineers are increasingly needed. The dearth of data scientists is compounded by the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 14 percent growth in these fields over the next 10 years.

ML Engineer

As a ML Engineer, you will work on developing new technologies and modifying existing ones. The salary you receive for this job depends on the company you work for, the area you live in, and the number of years you have been working in the field. You can increase your salary by acquiring an Artificial Intelligence course in Chennai or becoming certified in it. However, a fresher’s salary in India will not be much higher than the salary you can expect if you have experience in this field.

To summarize

Salaries for a ML Engineer can range from INR 7.2 lakhs to INR 16 lakhs per annum. The average salary for freshers is INR 1,173,074 a year. As you progress through the ranks, your salary will increase. There is an increasing shortage of these professionals in the IT industry, creating an opportunity for aspiring ML engineers to get a good salary. ML Engineer jobs in India involve working with many different types of data sets.

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