State the Long Form of FSSAI

There are several types of registration required for food business establishments in India. A basic registration is required if the business has a turnover of less than 12 lakhs, a dairy capacity of less than 500 liters per day, and a daily manufacturing capacity of less than 100 kilograms. Businesses in this category include small pan shops, warehouses, and mid-day meal services. Businesses with more than one outlet are required to obtain a central licence.

The full name of the agency is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This organization oversees various laws and standards that govern the production, storage, selling, and distribution of food. The FSSAI has eight regional offices, four referral laboratories, and 72 local food testing labs. In order to ensure that the public has access to nutritious, safe, and affordable food, the agency works to ensure that food products meet the highest standards.

To be eligible for a license, a food business operator must register with the FSSAI. Food business operators are also known as FBOs. There are three categories of licences: Basic Registration, State Licence, and Central License. To get a licence, an organization must have at least two employees. The number of employees, turnover, and production capacity are the main factors in determining eligibility for a license.

FSSAI registration forms can be obtained online and include the user ID, password, and unique 17-digit registration number. Generally, a food business operator needs to renew a license every thirty to sixty days, but this can be extended up to five years, depending on the extension period. The renewal fee, however, increases as the period of time is increased. For those who need to renew a license frequently, it is best to check the regulations regarding food business activities in your state.

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