Sonya Curry Hot Pics

Sonya Curry is a well-known mother of two NBA players. She has been involved with the sport from an early age and is often spotted on the court, cheering on her sons. Her good looks and role as a basketball mom make her a favorite among NBA fans. She is relatively active on social media, flaunting her fit body in bikini photos. And while most NBA mothers are oblivious to their bodies and sexy outfits, Sonya Curry is a different story.

Before she became a mom, Curry was a competitive athlete and a school administrator. She was even a champion on her school’s basketball team. Now, she’s the owner of a Montessori school in North Carolina and plays an important role in raising her children. Regardless of her recent appearances, her mother is hotter than ever. Sonya Curry is an inspiration to women everywhere, and she deserves to have all the success in the world.

It is no secret that Curry was once married to Steph Curry, but she filed for divorce from him in 2021. After 33 years of marriage, Curry decided to move on. Curry and Steph had children together, and Sonya Curry’s divorce from Dell was a topic of conversation. Sonya Curry addressed the divorce in an interview this week and admitted that they had irreconcilable differences. But she continues to stay a strong supporter of her children, and it seems that her divorce from Steph will not be an easy transition.

Despite being married to a basketball star, Curry’s mother was not a basketball star. She is a Montessori school administrator, and a former athlete herself. Sonya Curry’s daughter Sydel, who plays in the D-League for the Erie Bay Hawks, was the first person to accompany her mother to a Warriors-Rockets game. She was the captain of the high school volleyball team, and her son was a professional athlete as well.

Curry’s parents’ marriage ended in a messy divorce, but his mother isn’t the only one attempting to recover from the split. Her father, Dell Curry, had a relationship with another woman, a college friend named Steven Johnson. Dell Curry had been married to Sonya since 1985, and the couple had two children together: Steph and Seth. The couple also welcomed daughter Sydel in 1994. The divorce is one of the hardest things to recover from for a famous couple, but Sonya Curry has shown the world that she’s still the same person.

In high school, Curry was an excellent athlete, excelling in track and volleyball. She went on to play volleyball at Virginia Tech University, where she met her future husband Dell Curry. The two married in 1988 and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. She was the first member of her family to go to college and received her degree in education. Their three children are her greatest achievements. It’s no wonder that Sonya Curry has been a basketball star for so long.

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