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The full form of the Indian Police Service is IPS. However, if you are trying to learn Hindi, here is a translation that can help you out. If you are not aware of the Hindi name for IPS, here are some helpful tips for you:

The IPS training takes approximately 2 years. It starts when a trainee joins the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Academy in Hyderabad. Then, he/she attends a Basic Training Course (BTC).

IPS full form in english can also be referred to as “ddiiem ke ruup” and “sbhii vibhaagoN”. Depending on the context, you may be asked to provide additional details, such as the place and time. If the location is far from the school, you can use a mobile phone. The full form of IPS can be found at the IPS website.

The Indian Police Service is one of the three arms of the All India Services. It replaced the Indian Imperial Police in 1948. IPS officers protect the safety of citizens across the country and provide leadership to the CAPF and state police forces. For many young people, it is the DREAM job. If you are interested in joining the IPS, start your application today! If you are selected, you can look forward to an amazing career in law enforcement!

IPS officers live a hectic life. It is essential to exercise regularly, but it may not be possible for everyone. IPS officers also need to have strong mental toughness. They are exposed to disturbing crime scenes, oftentimes at all hours of the night. This work requires them to remain alert and physically fit. As a result, IPS officers are paid based on their basic pay and TA/HRA.

The Indian Police Service is divided into departments, including the Crime Branch, the Home Guards, the Traffic Bureau, and the Criminal Investigation Department. In terms of the IPS ka full form in english, these departments all perform important jobs for the nation. And if you are wondering, what does IPS mean, you should know it is one of the three All India Services. It is a civil service that was created in 1948. Unlike the former Imperial Police, IPS was established before the independence of India. After the independence of the country, Indians were allowed to join the Imperial Police.

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