In the transfer service industry in America

In the transfer service industry in America, Mountain Star Transportation is the undisputed and sought-after leader, as evidenced by thousands of satisfied customers and their testimonials. The company uses innovative and advanced travel systems, a unique approach to customers based on trust, care and professionalism. All equipment and travel program are fully functional and without failures. All aspects and ideas of the trip are implemented due to high-quality equipment and high professionalism of employees.

High-quality logistics – the start for a better trip

The success of every trip with Mountain Star Transportation is due to the unique logistics system. With Breckenridge Limo service, every little thing is foreseen, which makes up a unique chain of successful travel logistics solutions. Interaction with the staff begins with determining the temporal and spatial parameters of the trip, thinking over the route and possible stops. From the advice of a logistician to the actual decisions of the driver during the journey, the entire support system is permeated with the professionalism and interest of employees in providing quality services.

Our technology is your comfort during the trip

The organization’s vehicles are of high quality and meet the necessary requirements for winter travel – all-wheel drive for a car, high ground clearance, the use of special antifreeze technologies, passenger capacity and carrying capacity. When traveling, GMC Yukon XL, Yukons, Sprinter vans and Tahoes are used. The cost of the trip is from $500 to $1000, depending on the route and the system of services, including the possibility of traveling passengers up to 14 people.

For example, a trip from Denver to Vail and Beaver is $566, and a Steamboat is $957, which is the best value in the shipping market. The price includes basic needs, and stops, such as shopping malls, are paid separately. Using the site is the best option for organizing an unforgettable and efficient trip thanks to the well-coordinated work of our staff.

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