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The house edge is an extremely important concept in betting as it is overlooked by many players when playing. So what is this term for readers? How to use bet players know or not? If the reader is a wet foot, has just entered the industry or is still unclear about the above betting concept, please see below with Trang chủ 789BET

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1.House odds terms premise of betting

For many new players who do not know, the house edge is so important that it is considered a premise in your entertainment. The divine numbers not only help readers see the standard bets, but also play smartly to calculate their own rewards.

Specifically, the house odds are the numbers that come before the bet, for example, the Asian Handicap will be recorded as 1.5 – 1.0, 0.93. Looking at the way of writing above, we will see that the handicap on the handicap is 1.5 left and the winning rate of the upper hand is 1.0. Conversely, if you bet on the bottom, your multiplier will be 0.93.

2.The meaning behind the concept of house edge

In this section, we will show you special perspectives of the house odds that you may not have known even if you have been betting for a long time. What specifically? How important is that meaning? Let’s see.

The surface meaning of the house edge: This part means the meanings that the other numbers bring that players just need to look at and see immediately typical odds are how the bettor calculates the reward. mine. Players base on the above concept to calculate winnings using the bet x odds method.

The hidden meaning of the house edge: The above betting term also has another very important meaning, which is how the house evaluates that bet. For example, an extremely low win rate bet will raise the reward level as a way to balance the game. In addition, Odds is also a way to drop the bait to attract bettors of many reputable playgrounds, causing players to struggle when betting based on the above numbers.

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Another important meaning in betting: For beginners, the odds-based method of betting is quite popular in recent years. Specifically, we will rely on the odds ratio to find a reasonable door.

3. What factors does the house base on to give standard odds?

What is the basis of the house to make odds is probably the question that many readers are most interested in because as mentioned above, this multiplier is very important and affects many aspects from the way the house is evaluated to the winning and losing. of the player. So where is such an important factor formed based on? See now.

To give the best odds for readers, the bookie has to be based on many factors such as:

3.1 The process of observing and analyzing the team

The first step to give a standard odds, the house will spend a lot of time observing and analyzing information such as: Confrontation history, recent performance, fighting strength of two teams, .. So Who will be viewing and providing analysis?

The answer is that the house’s team of experts, experienced professionals will do that job. These veteran hands will rely on the evaluation table, personal judgment to give numbers representing the bet door.

Those ratio numbers will still change when through calculation software or “inside tips” are told to adjust before hitting the market. Thanks to the above careful preparation, the house odds numbers in reputable locations will often best reflect the future of that match.

3.2 Alignment factor to get the standard house edge over time

Above, the house only gives the odds numbers at the beginning of the match, that is, when the ball has not yet rolled because the odds will still change greatly when entering the actual match. First, let’s analyze why the above has given a standard number but it changes during the betting process.

Odds was originally the process of analyzing the dealer’s data for the match. However, these are just theoretical bases, when in practice, there will be many significant errors and in order to make the match fair, the house odds will change seasonally. Specifically, after a while, the house feels that the situation has changed, the bonus level from 2.0 to 0.99 is still possible.

The initial purpose when changing the odds is for the player to correctly identify the match result as well as the house with a good income. However, many low-quality establishments rely on this gap to offer “bargain” bonuses to lure lambs into the trap. Therefore, when betting, players must be very smart to see the true meaning behind the odds numbers.

4. Certain house odds

When betting online, players will see a lot of new bets as well as interesting ways to score. To help newbies still bet easily, here are some basic bets and how to record common odds.

4.1 European bets and how to record common odds

European bet is a 3-way bet with win, loss and tie, so the odds of this bet will also have 3 different parts. Normally, the way to record the odds will be different from place to place, where each column will be analyzed specifically, but

There is also a place to write in the way that in the European bet box the first bonus number represents the upper row, below the lower hand and the last bet box will represent a tie.

For example, the image of the house bonus rate below has been detailed for each door. Celaya’s home team has the upper hand, so the winning ratio will be 1.87. On the contrary, the success of the “sour” away team should be awarded 5.90. If the match returns to a draw, the multiplier is 2.53 for the whole match.

4.2 House handicap bonus rate

The second bet that is also often seen when betting when most Vietnamese bettors love this type of bet is the Asian handicap. The way to write handicap bets is a little different from Europe in the same row, with not only the odds but also the house handicap.

The meaning of odds in Asian bets is very important because not only the calculation of the bonus but also the winning percentage of that handicap. Therefore, if you play in ghost locations, the chance of winning when betting is almost zero.

Specifically, how to read the bonus rate as well as the house handicap is as follows:

Handicap is located in the first column with 2 different handicaps of 0 and 0.25 and comes with different odds for each type. For example, in a handicap handicap match, the winning CA River level is 0.72 and the other team is 1.13. Looking at this, we immediately see that the Vasco da Gama RJ team is rated weaker by the house, so the victory is difficult, so the bonus rate will be higher.

4.3 How to calculate the most standard Over & Under betting odds

The next bet is also quite popular, but players should learn to read the house odds, which is the Over Under or Over or Under. This way of playing is very simple, the betting platform gives a number to determine the total result of the whole match and bettors will bet the real result is above or below the number of playing fields.

With only two bets, this is a simple bet and is chosen by many new players to start betting. The way to read the Tai Chi bet is very simple, specifically as follows:

Over/Under is in the second box in the bet with two types: Half 1 and Full game. With full-time bets, the house makes a judgment of 3 left if you believe the real result is 3 or more left bets on the first box, the bonus is 0.97.

If the player predicts the total result to be 0, 1, 2, then bet on 0.85. The arrow symbol in the red green box in the table is very similar to playing the stock market. With the green color representing the uptrend, the odds are increasing and the red color is the retracement falling.

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4.4 How to read the house edge on special rafters

In addition to reading European, Asian or Over-Under when betting, there are many other side bets such as: consecutive kicks, free kicks, .. However, the recording method is similar to 1×2 or handicap so we will not introduce it anymore. Instead, go to a new betting table that is simple but makes many people “headaches” which is the winning team bet.

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Talking about the type of bet, this is the type of bet that the player predicts for the winning team of that cup. A difficult game style with high rewards for many people who specialize in trying their best. Winning bets differ from those where only one odds appear. Specifically, the calculation method of winning and losing is similar, if the team you bet wins, you will receive a bonus based on the odds, and if the other team is indeterminate, you lose your bet.

For example, if you bet Arsenal 100k, if this team is indeterminate you will get 100 * 11 = 1,100. Similar odds of other teams are the same, more or less depending on the possibility of winning, so it will be different,

So thanks to the above sharing of 789BET, readers have understood the concept of house odds as well as how to correctly calculate each type when betting. Now players just need to find a reputable playground and bet great.

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