Can Accurate Medical Transcription Improve Healthcare Outcomes?

Medical transcription helps create a patient’s medical history that lays the foundation for future cases of similar instances and serves as a reference for physicians. It helps the doctors to assess the current physical condition of the patients, draw up a suitable treatment plan and take quick follow-up measures. Medical professionals, including doctors, paramedical, and pharmaceutical staff all need the correct medical records. They rely on it to assess the health of their patients and make informed decisions. In other words, accuracy matters. Keeping these records help them to evaluate past health conditions, diagnoses, and treatment, so they benefit from their recommendation.

Significance of Transcription Services

Physicians and doctors use transcription services to transcribe or convert their audio notes and recordings into written notes. Hospitals outsource these services to medical transcription companies to reduce their workload, and backlogs and get accurate transcription done. Healthcare medical transcription services provide multiple stages of quality assurance, meaning transcribed documents are carefully vetted before communicating with buddy healthcare professionals. After verification by the services, these documents are passed to the prescribing physician for final signature.

To ensure transcription accuracy, transcriptionists undergo formal training and obtain certification. During this training, they learn medical and pharmaceutical terminology, as well as the HIPAA standards to which they must adhere. Trained professional medical transcriptionists bring trained ears and sharp eyes to their work. They can have strong medical training and can transcribe even the most specialized and complex medical texts with ease. In addition, many transcription services guarantee an exceptionally high level of accuracy in their work, as much as 98 or 99%. A tiered system in which additional professional editors monitor completed transcriptions contributes to the accuracy of the work.

The Need to Maintain Medical Transcription Accuracy

Medical practitioners and hospital staff prescribe medical records and believe them to be accurate for patient care, completeness, compliance, legal purposes, care coordination, quality reporting, and business. Insufficient attention to the accuracy and quality of clinical documentation can jeopardize patient care and cost us in more than one way.

Typing accurate healthcare records is essential for medical professionals to prepare and arrange the best treatments and procedures. Therefore, while transcribing medical documents, many factors such as spelling, the format of reports, spacing, capitalization, quotation marks, semicolons, and commas need to be monitored and taken care of. Any type of error in these points can adversely affect the quality and accuracy of transcripts. In worse cases, inaccuracies can potentially change the meaning of what is being expressed. For this reason, doctors, medical practitioners, and hospital administrators are always concerned about the quality and accuracy of clinical documentation. Most of them use innovative systems, sophisticated software, and experienced management to monitor job activities. This is done to ensure the quality and accuracy of clinical documentation to assist healthcare agencies in error-free medical reporting.

Why Makes Outsourcing a Good Option?

The more deskwork medical practices can outsource, the more time they will have to attend to their patients. They can thoughtfully consider each case, and create accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. This is a win-win situation for both practitioners and patients. It provides the quality care patients need and improves job satisfaction and retention of professionals in the medical field.

Hospitals should conduct thorough research and find reliable companies. These companies will help in delivering innovative, error-free, and affordable outsourced clinical documentation and technology solutions to hospitals, clinics, and practicing physicians.

Benefits to hospitals and medical administrators from experienced and reliable medical transcription companies that provide accurate medical documentation include:

  • Innovative state-of-the-art technology
  • Lower costs and increased service levels compared to in-house staff
  • Skilled management team consisting of industry veterans
  • Error-free medical reports

EMR Transcriptions

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) transcription involves the transfer of patients’ physical and written medical records into a digital medium. Physicians may use paper as usual or use a dictaphone instead of paper to record the patient’s condition and treatment. Patient records can be stored and retrieved without any hassle, as and when required.

The EMR transcription services providers then store these records on digital devices, mostly on computers in an EMR-compatible format rather than on paper and files. Also, records are digitized on an almost real-time basis. Professional EMR transcriptionists ensure the accuracy of medical reports through a multi-level quality assurance review process while integrating with MT software systems.

The best medical transcription software is compatible with our EMR system. The fastest, most accurate transcription service in the world will be of no use if the service is not compatible with the system, we use for EMRs. Before making a final purchase, make sure that we verify compatibility with a free trial of the service.


The global market size for medical transcription software is projected to grow at a fast pace. The growth has been tremendous and over time, the medical transcription industry has also changed drastically in technology adaptation, such as the impact of advances in voice recognition software. With the changing trends, medical transcription companies have adapted themselves to the current transcription requirements. This change has made these services a very affordable and reliable option. On the other hand, reasonably accurate voice recognition software has provided medical transcription solutions in real time without the intervention of a transcriptionist.

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