789BET Affiliate Commission Policy – Great Money Making Opportunity

It can be said that the current global coverage of 789BETs is largely thanks to the work of the agents. And this policy is still being widely applied to be able to find more new potential agents. So if you want to become a bridge for bettors with the bookie, immediately refer to the 789BET agent commission.

1.What is an agent?

If you are a professional player in the online entertainment industry, you must have heard the phrase “agent 789BET”. So what is an agency job that so many people follow?

In essence, an agent can be an individual or an organization that acts as a promoter of the house to players. In other words, the agent acts as a bridge to provide information, games and services of the game portal to the betting community.

When the dealer successfully introduces the game portal to the customer, that is, a new transaction occurs, there will be an opportunity to enjoy the 789BET agent commission. Therefore, it can be concluded that agency is an online job that can make huge money.

2.Conditions to become a 789BET agent

Thanks to a reputable brand in the betting market and a high-value operation license from Europe’s leading Ministry of Home Affairs, 789BET has been named the most worthy playground to become an agent. However, is it really that simple to enjoy the 789BET agent commission?

In fact, becoming an agent at this game portal is not necessarily too difficult. But you also need to fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

Screenshot 2

Players need to create their own website to run ads for the 789BET brand in order to attract customers (supported by the house, providing images and content).

If you are a new agency, you need to spend a certain amount of capital in accordance with your ability to run promotional programs.

Agree to the agreements that the bookie 789BET has prepared.

Provide accurate information to register as an agent.

3. Huge 789BET agent commission

Agent commission at 789BET is considered a very good policy for many brothers. So when pulling customers, how much will the player get? And does the agent need to pay the cost per month?

3.1 Attractive 789BET agent commission policy

Becoming an agent here, players can increase their chances of making money by enjoying a very good commission percentage as follows:

The amount of 789BET agent commission that players receive will range from 30 – 50% depending on the amount of money players deposit into the game.

Have the opportunity to receive super commissions with 50% of total revenue each month.

The dealer commission percentage at 789BET is also based on the player’s losses and the number of active members in each month.

If this month’s commission is negative, it will be added to the next month.

3.2Some fees required by the 789BET agent

It is known that the opportunity to enjoy a huge 789BET agent commission and some special offers is extremely high. But in the process of marketing and advertising there will also be some costs incurred and requires the agent to pay for themselves such as:

Screenshot 3

System Platform Cost: This additional cost includes the associated software fee.

Payment costs: Includes deposit and withdrawal fees involved.

The cost of the refund of the promotional bonus to the members of the agency.

4.Basic knowledge that 789BET agents need to know

While this may seem like an easy job, it is not easy to attract many new customers. So to be successful in the 789BET agent job, you need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge as follows.

4.1 Having high thinking about investment capital

To work effectively, agents need to understand clearly the information related to the 789BET agent commission policy and the program that the house offers. After that, the player will have to calculate the capital carefully and the possible profit. Such as costs for creative plans, running ads on the website, …

Screenshot 4

4.2 Improve the experience of running ads

It is known that promoting 789BET online is the most effective way to bring the house’s name closer to players. But to do well in this field, agents need to grasp the latest changes in the market so that they can run ads both economically and effectively. agent commission is not only an online job, but also an extremely attractive policy for bettors. So with a super income, what are you waiting for without finding out and starting to work as an agent right away!

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